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"Has anyone else got this yet? (Pic of hard case with book sticking out) Brilliant new book from Ian Little producer of Is There Something I Should Know & Seven And The Ragged Tiger (with Alex Sadkin) about the year he spent working with the band. Well worth picking up! :) It's a great read.


Loved your Tiger Tiger EP from a couple of years back. Contagion is a great track. :)"



"I thoroughly enjoyed the entire book + thought it was the most in-depth yet accessible account of a recording process I've read. On top of that, your personal story added an extra dimension and angle to the period you covered."



"It's very good. Well written. :)"


Tom Kleberg 

"Hi Ian. I finished your book. I found it very interesting, well written and full of “little gems” and news so, as you suggested, I’m starting listening to “Seven and The Ragged Tiger” from another point of view. I really appreciated the record since its released in 1983, but Now I appreciate it more and I agreed that it was once of the more important releases of that decade (the track I prefer is “The Seventh Stranger”, a real masterpiece and one of the better songs ever written by DD). I found very interesting even the concept of “here and now”. It is something I already knew from other writers like Anthony De Mello but it’s been a useful “refresh”. Thanks a lot: I passed a brilliant time reading your book. Peace and Love."


Max Biaggio 

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